G129: Rangers bullpen gives it to Twins; we lose 5-3

Uh-oh. Another well pitched game given away by the bullpen. That’s happened a little too much lately. While it’s not a true problem I think, the fact that it’s happened more than once is a little concerning.
Kevin Millwood started the game in search of his first win against the Twins (!). Period. He pitched more than well enough to win. Six innings, six hits, two walks, and just two runs allowed. Both of those were on a two run home run to Jason Kubel. So Kevin was keeping things well in check. Felt good turning it over to the bullpen.
Jason Grilli came on first, and threw a scoreless, one hit inning of relief. That felt good.
What didn’t feel good was what CJ Wilson did. One inning, three hits, one walk, and THREE runs allowed – all earned. CJ was also credited with a blown save, and loss. Good, he was total ass this game.
Offensively, We had a couple of doubles, a Nelson Cruz home run, and a pile of singles. Didn’t exactly light it up, as Scott Baker kept us mostly in check. 7IP, 6H, 3R, 6K, 1BB. Their bullpen didn’t allow us any movement, but it didn’t matter.
Was a pretty deflating feeling in the bottom of the eighth, so there wasn’t much fun to be had in the top of the ninth. Another late inning loss. Sigh.