Friday night’s game rained out

Well, the headline says it all. Fridays’ game was rained out. It didn’t rain too hard around here, but it did in Arlington, as the game never got started. Was kind of looking forward to it, as well. I did spend the time with family. First putting my daughter to bed, then after that, played a little “The Bigs 2” on the Xbox 360, and when my wife was done putting the baby to bed, we watched a little “Man v. Food“. Man, that’s a great show.
Anyway, this will be made up Sunday as part of a doubleheader. That’s particularly annoying for me, because I have some church commitments I have to go to. I could probably postpone those, and go to the games, but since my family only has one car, that would deprive the rest of the family, and I can’t do that. Anyone want to pick me up in Garland, and go to the DH with me? :)
Kevin Millwood was supposed to pitch Friday night. He’s pitching Saturday, and Derek Holland & Tommy Hunter are pitching the doubleheader on Sunday.