G126: Rangers tee off on Yankees, win 7-2

You know, after the game was over, I tried to think of some cool way to say how great this win was. I thought and thought, and couldn’t come up with something good. All I wanted to say was “Man, that game felt great. The Yankees lost.” This felt better than most Ranger wins against the Yankees, too. I can’t quantify that, it just “felt” better.
AJ Burnett was actually quite good. Went six innings, gave up just two hits, and struck out twelve. That’s 12 out of 18 batters he got outs on he struck out. However, one of the hits was a three run home run to Ian Kinsler. Then when Burnett came out, his successor gave up another three run home run – this time to Chris Davis – something I’m sure brought a smile to Jamey Newberg. Ian Kinsler followed up with another home run in the 8th. We just overpowered them. Which is no easy feat.
Dustin Nippert was completely ineffective, but was lucky as hell. He didn’t make it out the fourth inning, and when he did exit, he had thrown 98 pitches. He also bloody walked seven batters during this time, and I believe only one of them scored. Jason Grilli followed up, and got the win, but deserved it. 2.1 innings of perfect baseball. CJ & Frankie finished the game out, not allowing any runs either.
I listened to the game on the radio in front of the computer, and had the MLB Gameday going too. I used their Twitter integration to chat with others about the game, which was kind of cool. Enjoyed that.
What else is cool is Anaheim lost and Boston lost. Good. Good, Good.
Oh, finally, after last night’s game, I wrote that they need to end the Jason Jennings experiment. That turned out to be pretty prophetic, as before this game, they designated Jennings for assignment to make room for Pedro Strop. I usually don’t get my baseball wishes answered that fast. :)