G113: Scott Feldman & Rangers take final game 4-1

I didn’t get to see any of this game. It started at 11AM, and by the time I realized it was on, it was mostly over. Normally I’d TiVo delay that, but since I forgot it was on so early, I saw the score in the middle of the game, and decided there was no point in watching then. :)
Scott Feldman got his eighth road victory of the season, and his 12th overall. That’s 12 wins in mid August. At that rate, he could quite easily get to 17. I can’t recall the last time the Rangers have had a pitcher with that many wins in a season. Anyway, Scott went 6 innings, seven hits, two walks, and six strikeouts. One run allowed – pretty solid outing for sure.
Hamilton keeps making moves offensively. 4-4 with a couple more doubles. His average is now up to .260. Andruw Jones also had a double, and Elvis Andrus homered. David Murphy had the last RBI on a sac fly.
As I didn’t see this one, I’m not saying a lot, but it’s nice to get out of there with a series win, altough I thought we should have swept Cleveland, tell you the truth. We come home to play Boston for the Wild Card lead in a three game series just half a game behind Boston.
Edit: I looked it up. The last time someone had that many wins was Kenny Rogers in 2004, who had 18 wins. Kevin Millwood was close in 2006 when he had 16, though.