G110: Derek Holland makes Hannah Baugh happy again!

Last time Derek Holland pitched this way, I saw Hannah Baugh squeee herself into a fit of excitement. If Holland does too many more of these, poor Ms. Hannah might have her head explode! And then Derek will feel bad.
Seriously, most Ranger fans don’t know what to do with repeated awesome pitching like that. I mean this was fantastic. I was talking to my wife about it when it was happening, and found myself referring to his stuff as “Nolan Ryan like”. It was impressive, to be sure. His total line:
Nine inning complete game
Just 96 pitches
Three hits (all singles)
One walk
Eight strikeouts
It was fantastic to watch. I mean WOW. When I watch games in a hurry, I normally fast forward through the Rangers in the field to get to them batting. This time it was not that way, I wanted to watch the pitching.
I think I can stop saying things like “Derek Holland on paper won’t beat John Lackey”, because now we feel he can beat him. I’m not going to act shocked in my commentaries when that happens!
Not that Holland needed the help, but he definitely was helped out by the Angels in the field. They had three official errors, and at least one more that should have been. Here’s a summary of their gaffes:

  • On an infield hit by Blalock, John Lackey & Robb Quinlan got caught up going to cover first, and neither got there, and Blalock got an infield hit.
  • In the same inning, Bobby Abreu muffed a simple catch in right, which directly led to two runs scoring.
  • There was a catcher inference call against Anaheim.
  • A ball in center was misplayed by Gary Matthews Jr for a double
  • A throwing error on a Pedro Borbon stolen base

Shutting out the Angels 7-0 and also by the score of 11-6 (with four in the first inning) is a statement, I think. It’s nice to go there and win 2-3. If we could just beat some other team this reguarly. :)
For some reason I don’t even feel like getting into the Rangers offense this game. We scored seven, had a few home runs. We’ve sen that before. We haven’t seen this kind of regular pitching from a Ranger guy in recent memory. It’s exciting!
Squeee indeed, Hannah!


  1. hannah says

    Hehehe, can I “like” this like on Facebook? lol. Squeeee!!! He was amazing on Sunday, I think even better than the game against Seattle. I’m hopefully going to the game on Saturday when he would be scheduled to pitch next! I’ve only seen him pitch live once and that was in Kansas City when he didn’t do so great. I wonder if he will do as good Saturday as he did this past Sunday..I certainly hope so!!! :)