G92: Hunter outduels Beckett for 4-2 win over Boston

Yet another game that proves the axiom that you have to play the game, and can’t rely on the on-paper matchup. Because this game seemed like an easy made win for Boston. At least it did for me. Josh Beckett, who has all kinds of accolades, topped mostly by his performance as a Marlin over the Yankees a few years ago. The guy is good. Real good. Tommy Hunter is a decent enough pitcher, but let’s face it. He’s not Josh Beckett good.
Which is why the following lines are that impressive:
Beckett: 8IP, 7H, 4ER, 1BB, 7K, 104P
Hunter: 6IP, 4H, 1ER, 1BB, 2K, 85P
I mean, I’m picturing the old picture of “Dewey defeats Truman” here. I was really impressed with Hunter in this game. I remember when he first came up that I thought he’d be one of those “one or two starts, never heard from again guys”. Nice to see myself wrong there.
Our offense wasn’t exactly on fire either, but we had enough to get the job done. Two doubles (Jones & Kinsler) and five singles were all we got. But this game wasn’t about our offense.
It was about Tommy Hunter beating Josh Beckett. Dropped the Red Sox into second. Good job Tommy. Lets see more of that!