G88: Padilla blows this one, Rangers lose 5-3

Well, that was annoying. The only reason I’m writing was because I took the annoyed two line sentence stance I do for two of the last three games before the All-Star break.
The game started off pretty good, with a Josh Hamilton home run right over the wedgie that would have made the right field foul pole in Fenway Park proud of the “ball curve” path it took. Went most of the way up the stairs there, too – a pretty nice poke. In fact, Josh did pretty well overall in the game. He went 3-3 with 3 RBI’s and a run scored.
He was, however, the only Ranger with more than one hit. He was also the only Ranger who got anything other than a single. He was the only Ranger who got any RBI’s at all – Josh drove in all three.
However, it wasn’t enough as Vicente Pidente was rather hittable. He did stay out there a long time – seven innings. But in that time, he gave up eleven hits. I suppose the only thing that kept it from being worse was the fact that he didn’t walk anyone. The big blow was a three run home run by Jason Kubel in the third. Which actually was the close of the scoring. Neither team scored any more after the top of the third inning.
Pidente settled down, and put up zeroes during innings four through seven. But the damage was done.
Further damage was done when you look at the scoreboard and see that Seattle and Oakland won. Fortunately, Oakland was playing Anaheim, and the A’s won, so we didn’t lose any ground on first place, but it tightened up a bit below us.