G84: Rangers lose game rather annoyingly; 3-1 to Mariners

Tommy Hunter got screwed. He pitched six innings, allowing just four hits. No runs, three walks. 104 pitches. He was quite good. He matched Felix Hernandez very well. Felix went eight innings, three hits one run.
It was a spectacular pitching matchup. In fact, the one run we only had was on a wild pitch after a double steal. Definitely a manufactured gift run. The only three hits we got were all singles. Two of them were by Hank Blalock, and the other was Michael Young. That’s it. That was the sum of our offense.
So to come out of that in the late innings with a 1-0 lead was quite impressive. The fact that we could win the game with so little offense was quite surprising.
So the three run home run that CJ Wilson gave up in the bottom of the eighth was particularly annoying. When the ball was hit, all I could think of was “Shit!”. That’s pretty much my one word review of this game.