G81: Rangers lose series opener to Anaheim, 9-4

I don’t think anyone expected the Rangers to beat the Angels every game between now and game 162. However, for some reason this loss seems bad. Probably because of the way that Kevin Millwood pitched. Or more to the point did not pitch.
Kevin’s been great this year, and has been chronicled already, should have been on the All-Star team pitching roster. This game however, was not of the same calibre. Kevin did toss five innings, but during those five innings, he gave up nine hits and three walks for a total of all nine earned runs. Was a stink job. It lowered his record to 8-6, and kept him from having 10 wins before the All-Star break, something of a goal I think everyone had for him. Still, he’s doing well overall, and provided this isn’t the start of a trend, it can be overlooked. Jason Grilli & Doug Mathis (who I just found out a couple of days ago switched uniform numbers in June) followed up and threw scoreless relief.
Offensively, the big night was by Josh Hamilton. Josh returned to the lineup for the first time in awhile and went 2 for 4 with a double and a single. Struck out twice, too. Ian Kinsler got a hit again for the first time in about two years with a home run in the seventh inning. it felt good, but you got the impression it was “little too late”.
So we lost the game. The only positive thing about losing in Anaheim is that you don’t have to sit through the stupid rally monkey nonsense. Although, as bad as the Rally Monkey is, it at least isn’t just assinine. Which is a word that describes this Angels fan. Check out this jackass on Youtube. I wouldn’t go there and insult him in his comments, as that would be as bad as what he does. Just vote his video one star.