G80: Rangers sweep Tampa Bay with 5-2 win

Scott Feldman led the way to a sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays and a continued tie with Anaheim for first place. Scotty was quite good, going six innings, allowing just three hits and two runs (only one was earned). He did have a few too many walks (four), but gave up no longballs, and pretty much kept Tampa in check.
In fact, the three hits that Feldman allowed were all singles (Crawford, Burrell, Gross). Our bullpen (Jennings, Wilson, Francisco) all pitched a perfect inning to hold the game and grab the win. Really nice pitching in this game. Hopefully we can keep it up when we hit the road on Monday.
Offensively, we didn’t have a ton going on either, just eight hits in all. Which is better than what Tampa got, but isn’t an onslaught like the previous game. David Murphy was by far the best in this one with three of the eight hits. It was a singles brigade, with just two doubles (Young, Salty) being the only hits that weren’t singles. Despite the number of hits, only three guys took ofers (Kinsler (again), Blalock, & Cruz).
Was one of those “just enough” games for the win and the sweep.


  1. Infochick says

    **I HATE ESPN!!!**
    The guys calling last night’s Rangers game were by far the WORST commentators I have ever had the displeasure of listening to – and here I thought it couldn’t get any worse than listening to Orel Hershiser talk about his favorite movie or how to correctly wear catchers gear(which made no sense because he was a pitcher)during the UT/ASU College World Series games!
    When last night’s “boobs” weren’t talking about how they went up against Nolan Ryan in “their” heyday, they were having this nauseating “love fest” with the Rays. They must have had their minions look up just about every negative stat they could find on the Rangers players, and could not sound any more uninterested when the Rangers were up to bat.
    ESPN used to have this other guy calling the baseball games, but I don’t know what happened to him. THAT GUY would have stats on both teams, would talk up both teams and would keep the commentary interesting – a FAR CRY from what baseball fans had to endure last night.
    Im almost eager to see what old, bitter and “has been” baseball players ESPN will dig up to call the next games on that channel. Naaah. I wont waste my time.
    They should just change their name to “I hate TXPN” because if there is ANYONE from Texas in sports, they hate ’em.
    As a Rangers fan, I am so glad that we can watch and listen to Josh and Tag on FSN. THEY are TRUE baseball commentators and for those of us not fortunate enough to live in the Arlington area, they make watching the games on TV a fun experience.

  2. Kurt says

    Thoughts on the Hamilton for Davis switch, Joe? Having 6 outfielders seems a bit ridiculous, but it’s no joke that Davis needs some time up north. Is Blalock going to first, letting an outfielder take the DH spot primarily?