All Star Game Stuff

Well, Ian Kinsler lost both the main vote to Dustin Pedroia in the main vote at second base. He was then put up for the final vote. He was also screwed there and lost that vote by some unstated “very small number”.
That left our regular All-Star votes of Josh Hamilton voted in as a starter, and Michael Young selected as a backup. That was our contingent. Which is OK, for a team that’s not known for being all that great overall. I thought Kevin Millwood should have been on the pitching staff, but until we win, we’re not getting that kind of respect.
Today it was announced that Nelson Cruz was named to the All-Star team as a replacement for Torii Hunter, who went on the DL today. I also read that Ian Kinsler could still possibly be added as a replacement for Pedroia, whose wife is having some sort of pregnancy problems. That’s something that needs to be prayed for – new life is always good.
Back to baseball, though. If Ian gets added, it will be slightly amusing from the aspect of he didn’t get voted in – twice, and would end up starting anyway. :)
Over in the NL, I was rather excited to see that Jason Werth was added to the NL roster in place of Carlos Beltran. Also Shane Victorino made it in on the final vote, so there’s four Phillies on there, and we could have four Rangers if Kinsler ends up on there anyway.
Looking forward to Tuesday.