Sammy Sosa to formally retire

Read tonight where Sammy Sosa has announced he plans on formally retiring. The article doesn’t say when exactly, but you have to assume it’ll be shortly.
He seems to not want to talk about steroids at all based on the quotes he gave. One of the more interesting quotes is this one:

“I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don’t I have the numbers to be inducted?,”

Makes you wonder – is Sosa a hall of famer? He certainly did a lot in 1998 with Mark McGwuire to help the sport. Whether it’s valid or not is another discussion – which I’m sure we’ll hear a lot about once he formally becomes a candidate.
What do you think? Should Sosa be in the Hall of Fame?


  1. Kurt says

    Everyone’s going to group Sammy and Mark together. If one gets in, so does the other. So as it looks right now, neither will get in any time soon.
    What I think? They both should get in because I am a strong believer in innocent till proven guilty and Sammy, while he apparently forgets to speak English on occasion, has still not been found guilty of steroid use.