G70: Rangers win again with a close 2-1 game over Arizona

This was a pretty darned good pitcher’s duel. Vicente Padilla vs. Dan Haren. After the last five games previous to this, it was quite the surprise. Actually, that wasn’t the surprise. The real surprise was that we ended up on the winning side of that.
Both starters went seven innings. Pidente gave up six hits, two walks, and just one run. Haren gave up four hits and a walk for two runs. However, as in most games like this, our hits were well placed. We had just four of them. One double (Teagarden), and three singles, but we got two runs out of it. Haren also struck out eight, so we weren’t exactly lighting it up. But it was just enough.
Ours came early, with a single run in the second and the third. The run off of Padilla came in the fifth. There’s not a lot to add about this one because the pitching was quite good.
Padilla keeps doing this, and his trade value will be sky high in July. ;)