G65: Rangers drop finale of Houston series, 5-3

Figures. The Rangers play the Astros six times each year. This year they lose only one game. Guess which one I went to? That’s right, the one they lost. Since I don’t really feel about writing in detail on this one, I’ll go for a few bullet points:

  • Vicente Padilla seemed sluggish, even though he technically had a quality start
  • Chris Davis still strikes out too much, he should have been pinch hit for in the 9th
  • We made some noise in the bottom of the ninth, but couldn’t bring it home
  • Row 37 of Section 117 is really dark, given how far back it is under the overhang
  • Darren Erstad in left? Man the Astros must be hurting.

I spoke with an Astros fan for a bit who was wearing a rainbow Astros jersey. Addressed myself as a Phillies fan, so we could talk some old Houston / Phillies rivalries. :)
On to San Francisco….


  1. Kurt says

    I, too, was at this game…oh well. Just wish the few games I go to a year we’d win but it happens.
    I was Row 35 of 125 and it was quite dark as well, although the club right next to it provided a bit of light.