G49: Rangers bomb A’s on Saturday, 14-1

(I’m making this a short recap, as my wife gave birth to our son on Thursday, and don’t have more than five minutes to do three game updates).
When you score 14 runs, an article usually becomes most about who got what offensive stat, etc, etc, etc. I didn’t see this game at all (again at hospital), but I did get to see the game on that “condensed game” feature MLB.TV has – you basically see the entire game in eight minutes. All they show you is the out, or the hit, or the run – so I did sort of see it all, just not in the normal way. :)
Four doubles, three home runs, and ten singles was quite a barrage. Three guys with two hits, three guys with three hits. Only one guy with an ofer from the starters. Some nice defense, it was a game that was never really in doubt, even though we didn’t score anything until the third inning and were actually behind 1-0. You just felt it. Granted, I knew the final score before I watched that “condensed game”.
Great pitching – Nine innings combined, five hits, only one earned runs, and four walks (three in the first inning).
We go for the four game sweep on Sunday. In the words of the Hammer.. Sweet!