G47: Rangers take first game of DH, 6-3

(I’m making this a short recap, as my wife gave birth to our son on Thursday, and don’t have more than five minutes to do three game updates).
I would have been at this DH, except I was at the hospital with my new baby and my wife. I think I would have been literally attacked if I even suggested going, let alone actually going to this game. Which pains me as a baseball fan, as I freakin love doubleheaders.
Anyway, three home runs by the Rangers are all that was needed to get by the Oakland A’s in the first game of the DH. Nelson Cruz had 3 RBI’s himself, and Tommy Hunter went 5.1 innings, giving up 7 hits, three walks, and three earned runs. Not terribly effective, but “OK”. He was called up for this start, and was sent back down inbetween games of the DH.


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    DH and I actually wondered if you were there – and how that would possibly be affected by the arrival of the newest Ranger Fan in your family. :-) Sorry you couldn’t be there – but I think you have the best excuse in the world for missing it. Congratulations!