G45: Rangers top Yankees.. eventually. 7-3

This game started with a really long rain delay. Was about two and a half hours or something like that. I knew it would happen, as I was out driving to the airport, and there were some quite freaky looking clouds – and cloud colors. Some were quite scary looking, but the actual rain I personally ran into wasn’t much – although I saw on news coverage that it was hailing at the Ballpark.
The game finally got started around 9:30 or so, and Kevin Millwood took the mound. We have a habit of giving up runs early to the Yankees. We always seem to be in a perpetual state of playing catch up against them. Not tonight. Millwood put up a zero in the first, and we plated two (Hamilton & Cruz) with a single to right in the bottom of the inning. That’s always a nice feeling, being up on the Yankees.
Speaking of “feelings”.. I’m a little surprised Teixeira got booed as much as he did. I figured he would get some booing, but he got more than I anticipated. A-Fraud however, got rather lustily booed – surprising as he hasn’t been here in six years, you’d think it would die down a bit, but his personal dramas probably continue to stoke that fire. Tex however, answered it by going titanic on a home run ball hit into the upper tank in Home Run Porch.
In the bottom of the fourth, we plated another run on a Chris Davis home run. Chris is doing pretty well with home runs this season. Unfortunately, he leads the universe in strikeouts. I mean it’s really ugly how many he has. Still, a home run onto Greene’s Hill is always nice to see for the home team.
Kevin Millwood ran out of gas early in this game – he ran into trouble in the sixth where the Yankees scored a couple of runs in the top of the sixth on a double by Matsui, & a single by one of their scrubs.
The Rangers came back in the bottom of the seventh to counter the two runs Kevin gave up in the sixth. However, Millwood was out of the game by then, so he got a no decision. Our two were fairly non exciting runs. One on an infield groundout, and another on a sac fly. Still, two runs are two runs, and they gave us the lead.
The scoring was capped off by another home run by Chris Davis – two in a game. That one I missed, because at this point I was starting to fall asleep. They did the seventh inning stretch at midnight. :)
THE RANGERS HAVE THE BEST RECORD IN THE AMERICAN LEAGUE! 27-18 (.600) Only the Dodgers have a better record in the NL, too. Second best record overall. That’s way better than what I thought we’d be doing this year. Feels good.