G38: Rangers cooled off in Detroit; lose 4-0

Well, you knew that wasn’t going to last forever. However, I was hoping it would last a little longer. The Rangers went into one of their house of horrrors on Tuesday, and were facing former Marlin great, Dontrelle Willis.
The same Dontrelle Willis that while he’s been a player on the motor city team has won exactly ZERO wins. The same guy that was put on the DL earlier this year with an “anxiety disorder”. The same guy who we should have torched. We didn’t. The D-Train picked this game to get it back together again. Willis threw 6.1 innings, gave up just one hit, no runs, with two walks and five strikeouts. Man. I was expecting to hit this guy up for like six runs in about 2.2 innings or something like that. Instead we got the one from Florida. Figures.
The only hit the Rangers got was a single by Michael Young to right field. That’s IT. No other offense to talk about at all.
Pitching wise, Brandon McCarthy labored for sure, but wasn’t totally awful. He did have a technical quality start, going seven innings, giving up three earned runs (four overall). Few too many hits though (nine) during his time. But he wasn’t that bad, really. Our very recent vintage offense should have picked that up. It didn’t. It was totally run over by the D-Train.
Oh well. There’s Wednesday night with Matt Harrison going against Justin Verlander. Hope that one goes better.