G35: Rangers hang on against Angels, win 10-8

The Rangers had a seriously hard problem getting the final out of the game. Going into the ninth, we were up 10-3. Got two quick outs, and then couldn’t get anyone out. After there were two outs in the ninth, Derek Holland, Darren O’Day, & CJ Wilson all pitched. CJ finally got the last out, but it was’t easy – the go ahead man was on base, we just couldn’t seal the deal. Fortunately, we finially did, but it was touch and go for sure there.
Kinsler was the big charge, leading with two home runs. Andruw Jones had a home run, and Josh had his third home run since coming off the DL on Tuesday.
Kevin Millwood broke his streak of going at least seven innings in each game he started this year. Today’s game he was just six. Had nine hits and two earned runs. Few too many hits, but it didn’t result in a lot of runs, so that’s good.
The Rangers definitely continue to look good. If we’re gonna make a real charge at winning the AL West, we have to beat the Angels, and while it got hairy in the ninth, we looked good this game.
First place, two and a half games up. While there’s miles to go, it is a good feeling just the same.
(This commentary is short, due to playing catch up on nine games of commentary at once).