G22: Rangers drop to 10-12 after 4-3 loss

Well, that was disappointing. It was a loss. Of course it as disappointing.
Early on, Scott Feldman looked like the really good version of Scott Feldman. That one that seemed he had earned a spot in the rotation after the way last season ended, but Scott got shafted in favor of Mr. Anna Benson. Anyway, with MAB on the DL (shocker, I know), Scott got the start. He was lights out early on, was perfect through three innings, I believe. He ran out of gas in the sixth though. The three runs he gave up were all at the end. This is probably due to him not being stretched out enough. But before he ran out of gas, he looked pretty good, hopefully he can stick here, and we don’t have to put MAB back out there.
Derek Holland came in, and immediately gave up three runs – the three that were charged to Feldman, and gave away what should have been a Feldman win. Oh well. The inning after that, Derek gave up the fourth and deciding run. Darren O’Day and CJ Wilson came after that, keeping the White Sox off the board, but..
We couldn’t come back on this one. All the Rangers runs came off of starter Mark Buehrle. And they were in the first three innings. The first run was a Michael Young home run; that was the only homer of the game. Young also had a double, as did Andruw Jones. Elvis had a triple. But we couldn’t put it together against the Chicago bullpen, which pretty much kept us in check late.
That’s a bummer, as I really wanted us to win. While we’re playing the “dance with .500” game again, it’s better than “dancing with “the .350 winning percentage” game like we’ve done in the past.