ST36: Rangers lose Spring Finale in Arlington, 5-4

Saturday was the final exhibition game, it was in Arlington, and I attended with my wife and kid. It was a lot of fun, and I won’t write much about this, because most of my attention was with my family.
I wrote a lot about the scoreboards and the place itself yesterday, but i wanted to put a marker on my site for the game.
A couple of game comments I remember.. Being disappointed in Elvis dropping a popup, which led to a couple of unearned runs. Enjoying the “Home Run” graphics on the new scoreboards. Thinking Kris Benson was struggling more than he needed to be.
Overall, I really wasn’t there for the game, I was there to spend time with my family, and check out the scoreboards. From the seventh inning onwards, I spent my time in the kids park in center field anyway, so I missed the winning run the Royals got off of Madrigal. I was quite frankly more interested in watching my kid play games in center field than I was in the game. That’s a new feeling for me, perhaps I’m finally growing up.