ST34: Rangers win game of 3’s in Arizona finale

In a game that had the number three all over it, the guy who wore uniform number 3 didn’t even play. The Rangers won the game 9-3, which was three times the runs the Royals got. They had three innings where they scored three runs each. The backup guy playing third base ended up the Arizona portion of spring with a .333 average. Backup outfielder Craig Gentry had a three bagger. Adam Fox had a three run home run for a game total of three RBI’s. As a bonus there, his surname has three letters in it. Josh Rupe had three flyouts in the game. The Rangers had three players hit doubles. Scott Feldman got the win – his third of the spring. The game time was two hours and THIRTY THREE minutes. There were only three umpires in the game (OK, I’m reaching now).
And so ends the Arizona portion of the spring training schedule. Just two more games left, and it starts for real. There’s an exhibition game in Frisco on Friday night, and a game in Arlington on Saturday afternoon that I’m going to with my wife and soon to be four year old.
This last Arizona game featured a drubbing of the Royals by a 9-3 score (no more 3 lines, I promise). Scott Feldman started the game, and accoring to all the press, it will be the last time he starts for awhile. Mr. Anna Benson had better not be a flash, as I really wanted Feldman in there in the rotation from the getgo. Feldman went four innings, giving up just three hits and one earned run. Josh Rupe threw two innings, giving up one run, and the remaining three pitchers (Turnbow, Guardado, Wilson) only gave up one run – it was Wilson, and it was an unearned run. So our pitching was pretty good this game.
Offensively, Michael Young ended the Arizona portion of spring with an 11 game hitting streak, which gives him a .349 batting average. That’s pretty good, hope that carries over to April, we’ll need it. Three doubles, a triple, two home runs, the power was going. This is the time of year when you go “Eh, I don’t want to write about this one, it doesn’t count anyway, let’s get going”.
I’m surprised I wrote as much as I did. :)