ST32: Rangers lose big to Giants, 10-3

I’m not saying much about this game. The reason is there’s a big Giants fan where I work, and the less said about this fiasco the better. Still, a few comments:

  1. This game featured no position player substitutions. I believe that was the first game like that all spring. The same guys who started the game in the field (save for the pitcher) ended it.
  2. We had just six hits, two of ’em by Josh Hamilton, and one of THOSE was a three run home run off Barry Zito, accounting for all our runs.
  3. Matt Harrison was not good, I actually got a chance to listen to the start of this game at work yesterday. Was ugly.
  4. Barry Zito didn’t sound too bad. Of course, it’s the Rangers, so he could go 1-16 all season, the 1 would be against us, naturally. Just like the Oakland days.
  5. Of the nine guys who batted this game, the lowest spring batting average at the end of the game was .258 (Blalock). The highest was Josh Hamilton (.384)