G18: Rangers lose game they should have won, 8-5

Early on, it was looking pretty good for the Rangers. We were up 2-1 after two, and then went up 5-1 in the top of the fifth. But that was about the end of the good times.
Before we get to that, I do have to single out David Murphy. Murph was batting an ofer 2009 up until this game. He had a really great day, even though he went just 1-3. That one was a solo home run in the fifth inning. That his first hit of the year was a home run had to be good for him. What wasn’t good was that it game in the 18th game of the season. However. That wasn’t it for good news for him. He had two outfield assists. One at third base, and another at the plate. I forget which order they came in, but after one of them, he came up in the fifth and hit his home run. He had to be flying.
Murph wasn’t the only one with a home run. Chris Davis & Hank Blalock also had home runs. Those home runs accounted for all five Rangers runs. An old story, for sure.
Also early on, it looked like Brandon McCarthy was the good version. The Orioles were held to just one run through four. Not lights out, mind you, but one through four is a good number to be working on. However, the wheels fell off in the fifth. McCarthy allowed three runs in the bottom of the fifth to let the Orioles back in the game. We were still winning at that point (5-4), but Jason Jennings fared no better the next inning, giving up three more runs (plus a bonus run in the bottom of the eighth). Meh on that.
Sigh. Oh well, I had forgotten this series was four games after the Saturday night game. I thought we were going for a sweep this game, but that didn’t happen.
I’m already spoiled by HD. None of the games in Toronto and none in Baltimore are in HD. Bummer.