G17: Rangers win again by one in Baltimore, 6-5

I didn’t get to see any of this game when it happened – Saturday was a big day for my family, we had friends from church over to help paint the bedroom of our second kid, who will be arriving in about 4-5 weeks now. By the time we were done with that, went out to eat, came back watched a movie, and took one of them back home, I was wiped out. Because of that, my commentary on this game will be short.
I did put on the Rangers game, but I already knew the score, so I just watched the Rangers score. Plus, since all of our runs (but one) came in the first three innings, it was done quickly. That was fun, because it was a ton of home runs accounting for five of our six runs. The highlight was definitely Ian Kinsler, who jacked two home runs off of Mark Hendrickson. Hendrickson gave up all the runs, although one was unearned. The home runs were a two run shot by Kinsler, a solo shot by Kinsler (to lead off the game), and solo shots by Chris Davis & Andruw Jones. As the home runs increased the Baltimore fans were bringing more boobirds, too.
Pitching wise, Scott Feldman started in place of Mr. Anna Benson. Feldman should have been in the rotation to start the year, I think, and he made a case to stay. Only went five innings, but could be a “not stretched out” issue. Five innings, just one run on four hits. He was followed by Derek Holland, who from the linescore looked impressive again. Three innings, one hit, one run. It was a solo home run to Baltimore, their only home run of the game. CJ Wilson followed, and showed why he’s not the closer anymore, and finally, Frank Francisco did finish it off for his fourth save of the season so far.
Salty went 2-4, raising his batting average to .260. Nice to see him come around the last few days.
If I wasn’t so wiped out tired, I probably would have watched the game, but I’m glad I got to at least see the high points. We go another win today in Baltimore. Brandon McCarthy goes for his third win of the season, which would be three times more than he got in 2008.