G11: Rangers shut out and shut down by Greinke; lose 2-0

You hear the term “hard luck loser” a lot if you hang around baseball enough. Last night was one of those nights. The guy wearing 33 on his back for the Rangers definitely qualified. Kevin Millwood threw a nine inning complete game. Gave up just five hits and allowed only two runs. Struck out three (walked three though). By all accounts a great game, one definitely deserving of a win. This should have been Kevin’s third win of the year already. It wasn’t.
That was because of Zack Greinke of the Royals. He also threw a nine inning complete game. Problem is while he allowed more hits than Millwood did (7 to Kevin’s 5), he also struck out 10 and allowed no one to cross the plate. The pro writers will have an eloquent way of saying this in their reports.. “Greinke was friggin awesome!” I mean what else needs to be said really? He dominated the game totally – we looked mostly stupid at the plate. Only Blalock managed more than one hit. Of our seven, only two were extra base hits (one double by Salty, a triple by Blalock). In fact, Hank’s triple led off the inning, and he was stuck there, never scored.
As much as you feel bad for Millwood, it was a totally masterful and dominant performance by Greinke. Definitely deserving of praise from this Rangers fan.