First rainout of the season

Well, we have our first rainout of the season. I was watching, and saw them go into a rain delay. First, FSS showed some good Rangers rain delay programming. They showed the Chuck Morgan episode of “In My Own Words”. The old footage from the Grand Ol Opry is definitely worth the price of admission. :) Then the FSS people had some epic fail by putting on friggin POKER. The stupidest thing ever on television. Like that’s a substitute. I switched over to watching “Time Warp” on the Discovery Channel. Tonight’s episode featured Metallica, which was a rather entertaining subject. If you’ve never seen Time Warp before, it’s a show where they record things at like 1,000 or 2,000 frames per second, and play them back in regular speed, so things go stupid slow. Some of the things they do are quite amusing (like putting six airbags inside a car backwards so all the windows blow out, filling a pressure cooker with food, and blocking the pressure relief valve. Then watch it in slow motion. Most of their videos are restricted on Youtube from embedding, but I found one about water. Check it out below (in HD, too). You really should check this show out.
Oh, the Rangers game? It was rained out after awhile. Did they make it up tomorrow, when I would have called work and taken a vacation day to go to the doubleheader? Noo.. They scheduled it for May 29th. That’s bad for me, because it’s the day my son will likely be born! Darnit – I love doubleheaders!
Anyway, here’s the Time Warp video (if you’re on a feed reader, you’ll need to hit the site most likely)…

There’s more Time Warp videos available here (including the Metallica stuff, which was really cool).


  1. says

    My 9-yo son and husband are addicted to Time Warp. I think it should be renamed “Time Waste”.
    Too bad about the rainout. I was really hoping they’d get the game in.

  2. Travis P. says

    My sentiments exactly regarding the double header. Double headers are official holidays in my book. I skipped work the next day to watch the scheduled day game simply because it was a beautiful day and baseball is baseball, though I got screwed with the re-scheduling. Moving to a new home May 29th…missing the first (maybe the only?) double header of the season.