ST9: Rangers lose frustrating game via walkoff, 8-7

Meh. The first game of the season I got mad at, and it only took nine games, none of them really counted, either.
We were hanging in there, hanging in there, were losing 4-2 after six innings. We scored two to tie in the sixth, and then three more in the seventh to take a lead. Then we blew it, let them tie the game in the bottom of the eighth, and then lose the game by allowing the Royals to walk off with the win.
Netfali Feliz was the one that had a hard time and gave up the three runs to let them tie it after we had taken the lead.
Brandon Boggs had a good game. 3-5 with a double, a home run, 3 RBI’s, and two runs scored. Since this was a spring training game, those stats doubly didn’t count.