ST5: Rangers lose big again; 13-6 to Mariners

I got to listen to about half of this game. I started listening in the top of the second, and we were already down 4-1. Any baseball fan will tell you that’s never an encouraging thing to start off with. I was actually playing a videogame again for the second day in a row in the afternoon. Only this one I was playing for myself. It was a version of Monopoly for my Xbox 360. :)
As if starting down 4-1 wasn’t bad enough, the first thing I heard was “…and we’ll get back to you if we get a report on Josh”. Oh great, he’s come out with an injury. They’re saying he’s strained his left Achillies tendon, and are making a big deal about it not being a big deal. I hope this doesn’t amount to anything serious. Turns out I missed a possible inside the park home run. There was a quote by Josh after the game that he was mad he didn’t have an inside the parker, because he didn’t hustle out of the box. Inside the parkers are always nice to get.
Anyway, from the point I started listening (which was past Padilla walking in a run), it didn’t seem so bad, we were chipping away, and got back to 4-3, and then 5-3, but in the fifth, the floodgates opened again, and we gave up five runs there. I stopped listening shortly after that, because the pull of playing with my daughter was put on me again. :)
I’m not going to write a ton, as it’s late, and I want to get off the computer for the evening, but there were a ton of pitchers in this game. Seven for Texas, eight for Seattle. Hit up the recap link for a proper story and a box score.