ST29: Rangers beat KC 8-5 on Saturday

In a game that I knew was on the radio, but due to life, had no chance to listen to, the Rangers won 8-5 over their Surprise roommates.
Scott Feldman started this game, and if the recent rumors are to be believed, it might be one of his final starts for awhile. There’s a lot of talk about him going to the pen and giving the fifth starter spot to Mr. Anna Benson. Whether that’s smart or not, I don’t know, but Feldman didn’t help his case today. He went five innings, giving up six hits and a walk for a total of four earned runs. He did strike out six, though – that’s something good, but not enough to overcome the earned runs. He was briefly followed by Jimmy Gobble, who pitched just one third of an inning, before being relieved by Jason Jennings, who finished the game with a 3 and 2/3 inning performance to get the win. Jennings allowed just three hits, and one walk with four strikeouts for his shutout performance.
Offensively, we had ten hits that were pretty fairly well spread out. Only one Ranger had more than one, that was Nelson Cruz, who went 2-4, one of which was a two run home run in the first inning. Omar Vizquel & Frank Catalanotto had doubles. Hank Blalock & Jarrod Saltammachia had triples, and there was Cruz’ home run. However, the most important hit was by back of the book guy Marcus Lemon, who had a sac fly in the ninth, giving the Rangers the lead they would keep for the win.
I did miss this game, but had a lot of fun having an afternoon out with my daughter. Explained about a letter about the return and regular addresses, the stamp, and how the letter gets to where its’ going. Given how much time I’ve put into this site over the 11 years I’ve been doing it now, it’s quite easy to NOT do it do do something like explain to your kid how to mail a letter. Hopefully she likes the Rangers game we’re going to on Saturday as much. :)