ST23: Millwood leads Rangers to 8-4 win on Saturday

Kevin Millwood didn’t get a win today, but pitched one of those “technical quality starts”. You know, six innings, three runs – a 4.50 ERA. In these six innings, he gave up five hits, three runs, and two homers. Not good. He did strike out five, but multiple homers is never really a good sign. I missed this game utterly, so I have no idea how he sounded, but the line is “meh”, even if it qualifies as a quality start.
Willie Eyre followed and had that fun line of “Blown Save” as well as the win.
Offensively, we played the Rockies to a 4-4 tie after six and a half innings. The big tie breaker was a grand slam by Chad Tracy in the bottom of the seventh. That won the game, and also closed out the scoring. That was the obvious highlight, but in all the Rangers had twelve hits, and only Jarrod Saltamacchia had more than one, although both of his were doubles. Speaking of doubles, the “Arlington Doubles Hit Parade” churned up and got going again. Seven of them in fact. Seven of our twelve hits were doubles. Nelson Cruz, Salty for two, Travis Metcalf, David Murphy, Chris Davis, & Andruw Jones all got into the two bagger.
Three of the doubles came against a pitcher that a few years back used to give us fits, but not so much anymore. Gustavo Chacin, then of the Toronto Blue Jays was a guy I never wanted to see pitch against us. Today though, he went 2.1 innings, gave up five hits, five earned runs, and walked four guys. Five hits and four walks in 2.1 innings is pretty atrocious.
Brandon Boggs & Joaquin Arias stole a base in this one.
Cruz and Arias also left five men on base, they didn’t have a lot of clutch.
Still, a win is a win, and it’s now six in a row. Nice to see, even if it doesn’t count.