ST22: Rangers win again, 11-5 over Rockies

The Rangers have now won five in a row, and are now in 3rd place in Cactus league play (out of 14 teams) with a 13-9 record. The did this behind an 11-5 pounding of the Colorado Rockies on Friday afternoon. Again, I was really busy with work, and couldn’t listen. Couldn’t even look at a box score, I didn’t know who won until the evening, right before I started watching the series finale of Battlestar Galactica.
But I digress. Let’s get the bad news. Michael Young had to come out of the game with a quad injury, and is expected to miss a couple of games. It’s probably not a serious threat, but you never want a star player to go out at all. Hope that all goes well. Before he left, he was doing well at the plate, going 2-2.
Nelson Cruz also jacked his fourth home run of the spring, completely pushing out Andruw Jones. Cruz was not the only guy with a home run. Forgotten man Frank Catalnotto had a three run jimmy jack. But it was again a doubles team, we had six of them. 15 hits in all, a d eight extra base hits. That’s the Rangers for ya.
Matt Harrison started this one and was ok. Five innings, five hits, two runs and two walks. Nothing to really write home about, but there has been a lot worse. Another inning and it would have been a pretty decent outing. Overall, the pitching waspretty decent, although no performance really stands out. But I’ll take that over godawful like we’ve had a lot over the last decade or so.
I entered this entry through my new iPod Touch. While you can do it if you want, it’s a bit of a pain in the… I can’t recommend blog posts this way. :)


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    Okay, you have a Rangers blog. It’s a shame you just didn’t completely destroy your personal life and have a BSG blog too! :-D I thought the finale was predictable, but good. I figured they would make it to the real Earth. They never really resolved the Starbuck question of what is she. She found her body on the nuked Earth, and just vanished from the real one after her work is done. I am not too excited about the two new BSG spin offs. It is kind of nice to have a series be finished. Completely.
    Keep up the good work on the blog. Go Rangers!