ST11: Rangers win 7-2 over Cubs

I don’t have much time to write about this one, I didn’t even think about writing about it (as I was too busy at work today) until after today’s game had already started.
I did get to hear a little of it. I had to spread some weed killer down on my lawn, so I slapped on the headphones,and walked around out there. After that was over, I played some MLB:09 the Show and listened some more, and then my family and I had to go to a Sunday night church event, so I had to stop. At the time I stopped, the score was tied 2-2. I missed the big party.
That was Greg Golson’s grand slam in the ninth which sealed the win, if it didn’t win it. That was definitely the big offensive highlight, as the rest of the offense was scattered. Which seems to be a pattern so far this spring.
Pitching wise, nobody embarrassed themselves out there Matt Harrison gave up both runs the Cubs got over his three innings of work.
Sorry about the cut short. I didn’t want to take a complete mulligan, but I didn’t have time to sit here and invest a lot of time into this report. :)