ST3: Rangers give up huge inning, lose game 10-4

I was knee deep in work today, and when I remembered the Rangers game started at 2PM, it was already quarter after three. Realized it was a “box score only” spring training game, so I checked it out, and saw the 7 spot in the top of the second inning. Lost my desire to want to keep up. To be fair, box score only games are hard to stay with, as they only update after half innings are done (usually). So you go off doing something else, waiting for the next update, and frequently forget about the refreshing box score in your other browser window.
Scott Feldman harnessed his inner Mark Clark today by allowing a seven spot in the second inning. From the article I read, he barely escaped giving up a bunch in the first two, by allowing four baserunners, but still not giving up a run. His line was pretty darned ugly. Nine hits, one walk, seven runs (although three were unearned). Gave up two home runs. Pretty stinky. We had five other pitchers in the game besides Feldman. Two of them gave up runs (Poveda – 2, Madrigal – 1). The other three were scoreless.
In the field, we had two errors. German Duran booted one, and Elvis had a throwing error.
Offensively, we had nine hits, which were pretty scattered again. Jarrod Saltamacchia was the only player with more than one hit. He had two, both doubles. His replacement at catcher, Adam Melhuse had another double, but his also plated two runners. Joaquin Arias had an RBI (but w/o a hit), and Josh Hamilton also batted in one.
We’re now 1-2 so far in the first week of spring. Tomorrow the Rangers go on the road, and are on the radio in the afternoon. I’ll try and listen, but tomorrow I get to be Daddy while Mommy is at work. Doesn’t always work with a three year old. :)
I TiVo’ed the Josh Hamilton show. My wife wanted to watch Battlestar Galactica instead, and I didn’t want to upset the pregnant wife, so we went with Galactica. I’ll watch Hamilton over the weekend. It’s not like I was only going to watch it once anyway. It’s been green dotted on my TiVo, so it’ll be there for awhile. I plan on showing it to friends from church who are not baseball fans when they visit. Figure I can draw them into baseball with that. :)