Michael Young 3B Article on ESPN.com

There’s a new article about Michael Young’s move to third base this spring up on ESPN.com today. Written by Jerry Crasnick, this article goes into a bunch of stuff that Rangers fans would already know, but it’s nice to see it covered on a national stage. This quote in particular struck me as nice that Michael has that level of confidence about himself.

I don’t expect [moving to third base] to be a difficult transition. If you can play short at a high level, you can play anywhere.

Let’s also hope that this quote from Jon Daniels is the truth, and isn’t just sugar coating to get the problem to go away so to speak..

“The way I look at it, he’s been here for eight years, and he’s going to be here for at least another five,” Daniels said. “When you have a couple of rough weeks in a 15-year relationship, I think you’re doing pretty well.”