“My MLB” on MLB Site

Saw something tonight on the MLB website which appears to be some sort of personal portal page concept they’re putting together. It’s called “My MLB”. It’s a page which you can customize with information about yourself, and about your favorite team. I went and customized mine a bit, you can see it this screen capture I took below.

I’m guessing MLB will eventually offer this as a “Home Page” on mlb.com. Each season since MLBAM took over control of all the sites, they have a refresh and/or upgrade of the site features right before the season starts. I’m guessing this is going to be part of 2009’s refresh. Don’t have any info to back that up, but it seems like a logical move.
I found this when I commented on a news story, and when I read the comment, I saw my profile name was clickable, so I clicked it, and found the page. Given the way to see this isn’t overtly in your face, my guess is that it’s not ready for a full blown test. I did find a way in this way. The link here will go to an account for you, the link in the thumbnail above goes to my profile page.
You appear to be able to add friends here, but I can find no mechanism to do so. If you know of a way to add friends here, please let me know. Something else that’s interesting is a section in your profile for your favorite teams (for me, Rangers, Phillies, & Pirates), and your least favorite teams (Yankees, Mets, Red Sox). The least favorite show up on your profile as “Rivals”, although they’re defined as “least favorite” in the edit profile screen. You can also pick your favorite active players, too. That shows up on a lower part of the profile page, which you can see here.

If you have a blog at mlblogs.com, stories from that show up here, too. I experimented with one back in 2006, and I stopped using it ages ago, but it shows up here. Wish there was a way to get rid of that. Next three games for your favorite team is here, it has some good potential. We’ll have to see how it plays out.
Tonight is the first time I’ve seen this feature; has anyone else spent any time poking around with it? I would like to know how to add friends there.