Michael Young

I’m still pretty surprised by the Michael Young thing.
I don’t know what to say about it, which is why I haven’t said anything.


  1. Infochick says

    All I can say is that I am actively looking for fabric for my Jon Daniels voodoo doll.

  2. Mr. Dee Fisch says

    I’m mystified as to how anybody can be a Rangers fan. A baseball fan, yes, but a Rangers fan? What kind of commitment is there to the team in Arlington? OK, a few decent years in the 90s, and then bang, back to the doormat. I could understand if ownership said “We know we’re terrible, but we’re trying, and here’s what we’re trying to do to get back on track.” Gang, the -Rays- were just in the World Series. Go back to 1961 (the year the Rangers entered the league as the Senators) and then take a look at how the expansion teams since then have fared. Not a pretty sight.
    I’ve heard a few of the sports radio talking heads claim that the Rangers want to move Young (to save money for what? Barry Zito?), and this is some kind of plan to get him mad and make him look like the bad guy by demanding a trade. I really don’t give a toss about the internal bickering, but I think this is a PR disaster. Not for Michael Young, but for Nolan Ryan (who was supposed to make changes to put a winner on the field) and especially the Tom Hicks machine, whose aim is … What is his goal, anyways? Oh, yeah: “Wait till NEXT year, as we just traded one of our big guns for some prospects.” OK, next year and the year after that happen: Most of those prospects disappear like an 80s one-hit wonder, and maybe one or two develop. What happens? Suddenly those prospects become trade bait, and the prospect revolving door game kicks in again. “Just wait till NEXT year, folks, we’re rebuilding again. Check out the changes we made to the Ballpark!”
    Fooey. I go to Fort Worth and watch the Cats for my baseball fix, and I’ve told Joe how I once drove to Oklahoma City, parked, got a ticket in row G behind home plate, watched a great game, and drove home, all for less money (including gas) than I’d have spent on a trip to Arlington. I remember watching Gary Matthews, Jr. and Adrian Gonzalez, thinking “Boy, these guys are going to be good when they hit the big leagues.” You know the rest.
    Personally, I think Michael Young’s got a right to be miffed that the Rangers are saying “Hey, we’re moving you, lump it.” They already moved him once previously, to make room for Soriano (who no longer wears a Rangers uniform), and now, they want to piss all over him for the sake of a guy who’s basically untested? I do wonder, though, if he’s been waiting for a reason to make a trade request, given the lack of commitment to the team that’s been made over the years. I also wonder how much Yankee green will get him to move back to second base, where the Yankees can have a “All Former Ranger Infield + Jeter.”
    I guess we can stay tuned to see where Josh Hamilton will play after the Rangers commit to another one of the magic beans they got by trading away a matured prospect. See you at the Cats games.