About Milton Bradley

I liked Milton Bradley when he was here. To see him interact with the other Rangers representatives in the Home Run Derby was great, but he was someone I enjoyed watching in our uniform. I’m disappointed he won’t be back, but I have to shake my head at what the Cubs gave him. For two reasons.

  1. Three years? When on the field, he’s great (or was for us), but that seems like more years than we would have gone. I thought we might have taken a stab with 2 years and an option.
  2. On the field. Since he’s going to the National League, he has to play the field. That was something he didn’t do a lot of with us, he was DHing most of the time. I have a hard time believing he’s going to stay healthy enough to make it worth the deal. If he does, great – he’ll probably help the Cubs alot. But it seems like an odd move, I would have surely thought he would have gone AL.

But he strikes me as a more recent vintage from the John Rocker & Carl Everett mold of free agent we had. Big headcase and reputation before they got here, and were great when they were. I hope he does good, but if he misses time, or gets into problems, he’s got a hothead of a manager up there, so I could see the clashes between Bradley & Sweet Lou being epic in scope. :)