Sayonara, Victor Rojas

I was expecting to have to brace myself to say goodbye to Victor to see him go to the Padres. Not to Northern New Jersey. Victor was hired by the MLB Network to do both in studio stuff as well as play by play. I will really miss him. I’ve really enjoyed Victor in the years here was here. There’s donut I can think of to say about him in a negative light.
While I will really miss him on Rangers broadcasts, I expect MLB Network to be a daily staple in my house anyway, so I won’t miss him TOO much.
Now, as to the issue of his replacement with Eric Nadel..


IF THAT HAPPENS, THE RADIO WILL NEVER GET TURNED ON AGAIN FOR A RANGERS GAME! COUNT ON IT. Put Steve Busby there. Or heck, get radical. Hire Jamey Newberg. Put him in the booth.
Makes me wonder what will happen if Josh Lewin is hired by the Padres now. Bring back Scott Franzke from Philadelphia, perhaps? Will make next season look quite different.


  1. ukiahgal says

    I’m with you — send Ogulnick back to Chicago!!!!
    I’ll miss listening to the games on the radio, but
    I don’t believe that I could listen to him………..