Congratulations Don Wakamatsu

Not that long ago, Rangers bench coach Don Wakamatsu took a demotion to third base coach after he was passed over for the Manager’s job. I recall at the time thinking that had to be his last season here, as you don’t generally like to stick around in situations where you were actively moving backwards.
So it was with some excitement and trepidation that I read the news tonight that Don was named Manager of the Seattle Mariners. The excitement was easy. When Don was here, he was well liked (at least my memory says that). He was someone I didn’t particularly want to see leave when he did, but I can understand why he left. Made sense. So I’m happy for Don that he will get his shot. I’m still pretty happy with the guy who got the shot here in Texas over Don, but I’m glad that Don got his. Which brings me to the trepidation part.
Don is staying in the division. As we’ll see him 19 games a year, one has to think that he’ll have some small insight into the Rangers. That will help Seattle, although Seattle needs way more help than that. Assuming they don’t go panicy, giving in to the fans and sports writers (like the Rangers fans and writers tried to do here in early 08), he should help them in the long term. I always felt he would make a good manager.
So yeah, the bottom line is a good guy who used to be here is getting his shot. Good luck Don. Just not too much luck.
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