G146: Rangers drop game to Mariners, 8-7

The fact that Kevin Millwood lasted five innings in this game was the big surprise. Eleven hits, two walks, seven runs allowed (five earned), 103 pitches. He wasn’t good. Meh.
Offensively, we jacked four home runs, but it was’t enough. Millwood gave up too many. The home runs were by Nelson Cruz, Taylor Teagarden, Hank Blalock, & Chris Davis. Like to see all of those names (especially me who picked up Teagarden as a catcher in a couple of fantasy leagues). Taylor also had a double, but again, it wasn’t enough. Interestingly enough, batting slots 2-3-4 had no hits the whole game, and the leadoff slot had just one.
Kind of interesting to see the Mariners throw out seven pitchers, that’s a lot for one game.