G145: Rangers get to Hernandez & Mariners, 7-3

Felix Hernandez certainly isn’t looking like the great/awesome/whatever pitcher he has been touted the last few times he’s played the Rangers. I don’t have a list of all his games in front of me, but against us, he seems to not do as well. This game was no different. The Rangers got to him for the tune of six earned runs on six hits and four walks. Not very good at all. Certainly not “King like” to me at all.
Hernandez’ downfall was of course due to the Rangers offense, which was led by Marlon Byrd & Taylor Teagarden. Each of them got three hits each (of the total 10 hits we got). Each of them had a double, as did Josh Hamilton. All the other hits we got were singles. Byrd was 3-4 with 3 RBI’s, and Teagarden was 3-5 with 3 RBI’s of his own. These guys were the game for us.
Another notable was Nelson Cruz going 1-3, but with two walks. Has Cruz really figured it out?
We ran a bit, with four steals in the game (Byrd, Hamilton, Young, Arias). Was nice to tweak Hernandez, mostly because his nickname irritates the heck out of me.