G144: Rangers drop finale against Red Sox, 7-2

Well, the luster came off McCarthy’s return, as he was blown out by the Red Sox. 5.1 innings, seven hits, three walks, and six earned runs. Not that I think anyone was expecting Cy Young here, but you got a gut feeling (or I did) that he figured it out and was going to be really awesome every start the rest of the year. Oh well, I guess that’s just me being naive. That’s the vibe you got when he was finally activated to pitch in the majors this year.
Paul Byrd kept the Rangers off the board, going six shutout innings on just three hits and three walks. Not much else to add to that.
Offensively, we had just six hits. One a Teagarden double, the rest all singles. None by Michael Young, either who took an ofer. He still needs 35 hits in 18 games. Not impossible, but unlikely; time appears to be running out on him for another 200 hits in 2008.