G127: Texas drops to 3 games under .500 with 11-3 loss

Vicente Padilla started this game, and for the first six innings, looked like the good Padilla we’ve seen for the majority of 2008. Then the seventh inning showed up, which was the same place the Rangers fell apart last night, too.
Vicente Padilla & Warner Madrigal gave up a big time stinky pile of… in the seventh. The Tigers scored nine times. Was one of those stupid ugly moments, so I’ll post the play by play..

Tigers 7th (Tigers 10, Rangers 3) — C. Guillen walks. G. Sheffield singles to shallow center field, C. Guillen to 3rd. M. Joyce hits a home run to right field on a 1-2 pitch, C. Guillen scores; G. Sheffield scores. E. Renteria hits a home run to right-center field on a 2-1 pitch. Pitcher Change: W. Madrigal replaces V. Padilla. B. Inge strikes out swinging. C. Granderson walks. R. Santiago singles to center field, C. Granderson to 3rd. M. Ordonez singles to left field, C. Granderson scores; R. Santiago to 3rd. M. Cabrera grounds into a force out, M. Young to J. Arias, R. Santiago scores; M. Ordonez out at 2nd. C. Guillen singles to center field, M. Cabrera to 3rd. G. Sheffield walks, C. Guillen to 2nd. M. Joyce reaches on fielding error by J. Hamilton, M. Cabrera scores; C. Guillen scores; G. Sheffield scores; M. Joyce to 2nd. Pitcher Change: J. Rupe replaces W. Madrigal. E. Renteria lines out to J. Hamilton. (9 Runs, 6 Hits, 1 Errors, 1 LOB)

The only real good moment of the game was a three run home run by Chris Davis, who accounted for all the Rangers offense with that swing of the bat. We ran into our old (brief) friend Armando Galarraga. Take away Davis’ home run, and Armando gave up no other runs, just those three, and looked pretty darned good.
I missed most of this game, fortunately I did not see the carnage in the 7th, but I did see Davis’ home run.
Again. Meh.