G126: Rangers lose opening game to Detroit, 8-7

The Rangers had 12 hits in all. Six of them were doubles. That’s one of the few completely consistent stats we have this year. We’re leading the universe in doubles. Wasn’t enough.
Scott Feldman started, and technically thew a quality start (6IP, 5H, 3ER, 4BB), but it didn’t feel like it. At least I don’t remember it going that way as I write about the game three days later. Scott only had 94 pitches when he was taken out, but was apparently out of gas. His line shows six innings pitched, but he did give up three earned runs. Those were all in the seventh. That was the start of a couple of ugly innings, as the Rangers game up four spots in two consecutive innings. The second four were all unearned on the card of Jamey Wright. Those were due to a big ol’ ugly error by Travis Metcalf leading to four unearned runs.
Offensively, there were the aforementioned six doubles, and the other six hits were all singles. The four we got in the bottom of the eighth was a morale booster, but the game just find of felt “gone” after we went down 8-3 in the top of the eighth.