G124: Rangers break losing streak behind 3-0 Harrison gem

First off, I didn’t see any of this game, so I can’t tell you how Matt Harrison’s pitches were looking. Didn’t listen, either. I was out at a Grand Prairie AirHogs game. Was the first one of those I attended. Was a nice little place, but given that I didn’t get home till about 11PM, I wasn’t about to START watching the Rangers game, so I just checked out the score.
What’s funny is on the ride out to the AirHogs game, I was discussing the Rangers pitching staff with the other guys in the car. I found myself preaching the line of “Well, you can’t just throw any old kid out thre and expect them to go 13-4 with a 3.16 ERA. They’re going to have 3-4 outings where their ERA is 18+, then one absolute gem. We got one of the gems tonight from Matt Harrison. Eight innings, three hits, NO WALKS, and eight strikeouts. Was a very spectacular outing. Which was needed, because our offense wasn’t terribly special, although we led from the first pitch of the game, a big home run ball by Ian Kinsler.
Random note. If Michael Young wants another 200 hit season, he has to go on a tear. He needs 55 hits in the 38 remaining games. Not impossible mind you, but he needs more 3-4 games than 1-4’s the way out. A lot of them.
To wrap it up.. Tom Hicks could learn a lesson from the AirHogs. FREE PARKING!