G123: Rangers look sad in 7-0 loss, drop below .500 again

After our playoff hopes effectively died in Boston, we limped home, hoping that Kevin Millwood’s return from the DL would make a change, coupled with being at home.
They were just as bad as they were on the road. Well… It’s not totally our fault. Matt Garza pitched a whale of a game. A complete game, 119 pitch, two hit shutout of Texas. It probably should have been just one hit, there was a play by the centerfielder that I thought should have been an error. At the minimum it was a rather rough call for the official scorer. Yeah, we have a few guys who can hit, but anyone knows you can be totally shut down by a pitching performance like that.
This makes two consecutive games we were shut out. 7-0 this game, and 10-0 in Boston. To add extra flavor that thought, the last home game before this one was a 3-0 loss to the Yankees, as well. :(
It feels like April again.