G117: Rangers still apparently in TX during 9-1 loss in Baltimore

I’m not sure exactly what time the Rangers’ charter plane took off from the Metroplex on Thursday night for their destination in Baltimore, but apparently, the Texas Rangers team wasn’t on it. Oh, some guys were in Oriole Park wearing the Rangers’ uniform, but the actual team did not appear to be there. Whoever was wearing the uniforms were lethargic, they didn’t pitch well, and just generally looked like they were half asleep.
The guys wearing the Rangers’ uniforms got just six hits against Jeremy Guthrie. Two were by the guy wearing #22. The lone run was from the imposter wearing “Metcalf” on his back. Not much to talk about offensively here at all.
Pitching wise – We got bad outings by the guys wearing #46 & #57. The third guy who happened to be wearing #60 wasn’t all that great, either, but nowhere near as bad as 46 & 57.
Blah. Hopefully the Rangers can make the secondary flight and be there in time for Saturday’s game. They certainly weren’t there for Friday’s game.