G112: Rangers powered by Laird, win game 8-4

I was busy almost all day and into the evening helping a friend downgrade his computer from Vista to XP, so I missed a bunch of this game. This will be a short one.
Luis Mendoza was a bit better than his last few starts where he got rocked. Seven innings, four earned runs, six hits, one walk. Not staller, but not horrendous, either. Pen was good too, with two innings of scoreless relief.
Offensively, the big shots were obviously Gerald Laird’s two two run home runs. That was huge. Chris Davis also had a big home run as well. That was the raw power in this game.
For the second night in a row, we had just seven hits. As noted above, three of them were home runs. There were two doubles and two singles, so it was leaning more towards extra base offense than the slower kind. Which helps when you have more runs than hits. :)
The dreaded Yankees (with Pudge – ugh) come to town starting tomorrow night. I will NOT be there.