G90: Rangers lose exciting game to Angels, 9-6

I know there was more to talk about, but this game will be remembered for the picture above. I was there. It was seriously impressive live. I stood there in row 14 of Section 325 for about two minutes with both arms up in the air.
Make sure and click on the “MLB.com recap” link above. It has a video clip of the play. Or you can check out this video below..


  1. RevRobby says

    Wild game. Who is the Nipper guy? Boy, sometimes The Angels can really make some unknown pitchers look like all stars.
    I loved seeing Mathis go for the gusto yesterday. He’s a catcher and has taken his lumps as well, so all’s fair.

  2. Kurt Cockran says

    Baseball Tonight talked at length about the Rangers following the highlight of this game. Very interesting and true commentary from former Ranger Eric Young.
    From what I recall, they were speaking about how incredible the offense is and how pathetic the pitching is…you know, usual stuff. Eric went on a HUGE rant about how even though the Rangers are over .500, they have no better shot at the division than Seattle.
    “When you throw out guys like Mendoza, Hurley…pitchers NOBODY’S ever heard of and continually manage to get lit up…it doesn’t matter how much you can hit. The Rangers can never catch the Angels. Their starters give up run after run in the early going and LA’s bullpen is just too good for even this offense to come back on.”
    You could tell the passion in Eric’s voice since I’m sure it’s what he felt when he played for Texas.
    “Don’t you agree, Buck?”
    Showalter – “I agree. Nothing to add.”
    Rudy Jaramillo is the best kept secret in baseball. It’s incredible how many hitters come and leave Texas a better hitter. It’s not the park, it’s the coach. How we’ve managed to keep him all these years is beyond me. Hopefully we keep giving him the dough!